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SEO Starts In The Design Process

Unlike other agencies, our SEO, Web Design and Search Engine Marketing teams do not work independently of each other. Rather, our search engine optimization (SEO) research and process begins early on, before the development stages.

Your Interactive Firm Account Manager will seek your input from the following areas:

  • Understanding your business’ annual marketing plans, goals & objectives
  • Who is in your competitive set
  • Target markets
  • Local and national “demand drivers” to your business
  • Seasonal “need-periods”

Once the above information is provided and discussed, we process the input along with our design and SEO strategy teams. We’ll then conduct extensive keyword research based on your input as well as our well-developed methodology for search engine optimization that has been fine-tuned over several years.

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Website Content SEO Copywriting & Content Marketing

SEO has changed forever, and for the better. Gone are the days of keyword-centric marketing, it’s now all about page-centric content marketing. Your business website needs to have professionally written, unique content. Our professional copywriters will research and plan content ideas for your website. Then, we’ll professionally develop your content to ensure it adds value to your visitors and the search engines.

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SEO Specialists

Because we are award winning NJ SEO Specialists, The Interactive Firm receives multiple requests for our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Below, we have broken down what our services entail and how we can help you achieve your overall business goals.

Whenever SEO is mentioned most people think about ranking on Page 1 of Google. What does that entail? How do we get there? Why do we need search engine visibility?

Below are the steps we take when working with you on your SEO goals:

SEO report

7 Steps to a Successful SEO Campaign

What are your overall website goals and how does that correspond with your current strategy?

Are you looking to increase newsletter subscribers? Have more of your content shared? Sell more widgets? All of the above are common website goals, but how you go about implementing them are different. We create an SEO Strategy tailored to your particular goals.

How is your website currently designed?

Do you have outdated (deprecated) HTML on your website? Do you use SEO elements correctly? Is it designed for both desktop and mobile users? We review what you have on your website currently and make suggestions for improvements.

Semantic Research

Gone are the days of individual keywords being the driving force of SEO rankings. Are people able to find you based upon your location, NAP information and nearby places? Do you know the semantic drivers to your website? We will research these for you and add them to your KPI’s.

Competitive Research

How competitive is your current marketplace? Are you a small fish in a large pond? Is your competition using social media to their advantage? We gather competitive research for you and make suggestions based upon your overall SEO goals.

Navigation Menu

Is your navigation easy to follow, or are site visitors getting lost on your site? Your navigation menu is designed to take site visitors through your funnel process, increasing your overall ROI. We review your current website navigation and make suggestions for improvement.


After your site navigation is completed, the next step is to create useful Titles and Descriptions that adhere to SEO Best Practices. We create useful, informative META data that drives traffic to your site and helps increase your overall bottom line.

Content is King

We review your current content, making sure that there are no duplicates on your site and that it is informative, shareable and interesting to your site visitors. We also make recommendations for new SEO Content that can enhance your site visitors’ experience.

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