Reputation Management

Respond to All Reviews

We respond to all guest reviews posted for your hotel.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your reviews 24/7 and respond 7 days a week.

You Approve Before We Post

You receive daily approval opportunities before we post.

Your Voice, Every Response

We find your voice and always respond in your unique voice.

Adhere to Brand Standards

All our review responses are in compliance with brand standards.

CoMMingle PULSE Alerts

Real-time alerts are sent to your staff for crisis situations.

Removal of Negative Reviews

We petition review sites to remove reviews that don’t meet website guidelines.

90 Day Guarantee

If our service doesn’t meet your needs simply cancel in 90 days.

Serving Hundreds of Customers Since 2010.

We protect your online reputation and monitor reviews around-the-clock on all review sites, and social media channels. We respond on review channels including Google My Business reviews, Facebook Recommendations, and more.

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Our Guest Review Responses in Your Authentic Voice.

And with our White Glove service, you can rest assured that all guest reviews are responded to in your property’s unique and authentic voice. And with our comprehensive reporting and online 24/7 customer portal included with our service, there’s no need for you to pay for third party review systems.

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